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San Diego loves Sea Hive! 

Since opening our flagship store in 2017, we've had countless happy customers. Read more about what San Diego (and the world!) has to say about the Sea Hive experience!


Featured: Pop-Up Encinitas
“I took all of the people who do rad things and I put them under one roof. The beauty in that is that no matter who is working, it’s going to be someone who is passionate about the stuff in here.”

- Brandon Vega (San Diego Magazine, 2018)

Featured: Little Hobo Birdoir

"Sandra Logan of Little Hobo Birdoir has been a dealer at Sea Hive in Oceanside since the beginning, over six years ago. She specializes in vintage clothing, including a rhinestone-embellished Rodeo Queen suit that lassoes for $2,795, and a 1990s Paris Blues zipper front acid-washed skin tight denim mini dress shimmies for $58... In addition to being a dealer, Sandra is the regional manager of the Southern Sea Hives.

- Collector Network, 2023

11-23-front cover 5.jpg

Featured: Supporting San Diego

"They have everything in here from old, new, vintage, you name it. They are going to have one of the largest vintage markets in San Diego that has ever existed. Right now, there’s more than 150 different artisans in here… it’s not just a place for the girls to shop. There’s a motorcycle out front you can buy, there’s a record player, there’s all kinds of vinyl… this place is really cool.”

- Fox 5 San Diego, 2022

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